Walldorf Consulting has received yet another award from SAP for its outstanding project with its customer Sycor. The SAP Quality Award recognizes not only Walldorf Consulting’s exceptional expertise in implementing complex cloud solutions, but also its consulting approach focused on customer success.

  • Plan, manage and implement customer projects effectively
  • Ensure fast, cost-effective implementations (“rapid-time-to-value” requirement)
  • Significantly simplify business processes and create significant added value for customers in the process

Only three key aspects SAP bases its judgments for candidates for the Quality Awards on. These are also the criteria that have top priority for Walldorf Consulting AG when working with its customers. In this respect, inclusion in the group of nominees was already a confirmation of the Walldorf Consulting approach to consulting and a great honor.

Honor not to be valued highly enough
The fact that Walldorf Consulting was able to prevail not only in the nomination process, but ultimately even in the final round of the awards ceremony against well-known and significantly larger market competitors, can hardly be valued highly enough: “For us, the SAP Quality Awards are the most relevant prize awarded in our industry, because it focuses entirely on the customer perspective and our value contribution to our partner,” explains Simon Flick, Member of the Executive Board and Managing Director, who led the Sycor project. “In this respect, the award from SAP’s expert panel cannot be overstated. The entire project team, but also our entire company, can be really proud of this. Because we consistently pursue the award-winning consulting approach in all our projects.”

“The SAP Quality Awards for Customer Success is the most relevant award given in our industry because it is completely focused on the customer perspective and our value proposition to our partner.”

Simon Flick

The Walldorf Consulting approach to consulting
In its partnerships, Walldorf Consulting AG deliberately seeks to take paths that set it apart from the competition. The focus is on a consistent orientation to the needs of customers. “Our objective is definitely not to sell as many or as large solutions as possible, but to create an individual solution environment for our customers that is tailored precisely to them and their needs and contributes to the sustained positive development of our partner,” says Flick.

Walldorf Consulting therefore invests a lot of time, among other things, in the initial explore phase, in which the customer’s needs are determined, in order to get to know the partner and his requirements in detail. During this phase, the project team gains an insight into the existing processes and, thanks to the in-house demo system, transfers them into an innovative, user-friendly and efficient SAP environment that is comprehensible to the customer, but also uses its many years of project experience to scrutinize them where there is potential for a more value-adding approach. Not infrequently at the expense of the order volume of the project.

Transparency and support as central factors
Projects with Walldorf Consulting are characterized above all by a very partnership-based approach. This is also evident even before the official start of the collaboration, as Simon Flick explains: “We don’t prepare combat offers with hidden costs, but rather those that very granularly present the course of the project with all the steps and the resulting effort. This transparency is extremely important to us. We want our partner to understand what we’re doing, what’s coming up, and what they’re going to get out of it.” With this approach, foreseeable complications in the course of the project, which quickly generate significant additional costs for the customer, can be eliminated as much as possible.

Regardless of this, every project also includes particularly demanding project phases and challenges. In addition to preparing for these, the self-image of the consultants at Walldorf Consulting also comes into play here: “We form a team with the project participants on the customer side. This includes regular and open communication at eye level as well as the willingness to be available at any time, even at short notice, and to go the extra mile for our clients. That’s what we demand of ourselves.”

“This award proves that our way of working is considered exceptional by our customers, but also by independent experts – and that’s what drives us when we start projects.”

At the same time, Walldorf Consulting pursues the goal of enabling all stakeholders to use the implemented solution during the course of the project, from start to go-live and beyond. In various workshops, the individual solution is developed together with the customer and his employees and later trained. Often, effort items can be taken over by the customer’s employees during the course of the project – Walldorf Consulting also proactively offers this option. “Around the go-live, we are then of course directly on site for short-term questions – and even after the successful launch, we are happy to continue to accompany the partner for a certain time. We also discuss this quite openly,” says Flick.

Accordingly, the collaboration with Sycor was not only particularly successful, but also ideal for Walldorf Consulting’s consulting approach. Simon Flick: “That is exactly why we are so pleased with this award. It proves that our way of working is considered to be exceptionally good by our customers, but also by independent experts – and that’s exactly what drives us when we start projects.”