In view of the increasing relevance of cloud-based SAP solutions for purchasing and procurement processes, Walldorf Consulting GmbH decided to include this service in its portfolio in 2021. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants in this specialist area, as confirmed by SAP, Walldorf Consulting achieved the status of “PartnerEdge Service Authorization for SAP Ariba Solutions” after a very short time. Our team thus belongs to the elite circle of only 25 consulting firms in Germany that can advise SAP Ariba at this level.

In the following, we would like to show you what a collaboration with the Walldorf Consulting team looks like. We offer a detailed presentation of SAP Ariba as a solution with all its advantages here.

Starting with a classic catalog platform, which end users can use to enter their requirements and trigger orders from suppliers, right through to the invoice processing process. The entire process is digital and is mapped via the SAP Businessnetwork for Procuremenet.

Ariba also offers comprehensive supplier management, which can be used to register, qualify and evaluate suppliers. Risk management is also provided.

SAP Ariba also provides an attractive solution for sourcing. Tenders and auctions are carried out here. The results from these events can then be converted into contracts in the contract management area. There is also the possibility to map contracts completely digitally, including the integration of an eSignature solution, and to negotiate the contract completely online with the supplier with the help of SAP Businessnetwork.

Finally, Ariba also offers a module for supply chain collaboration to provide customers with a simple solution for managing their supply chains.

By opting for SAP Ariba, you save considerable costs in the long term. The solution reduces manual effort to a minimum and replaces it with automated processes. This significantly streamlines and standardizes processes. This reduces project lead times and creates employee capacity for value-added projects and processes.

Through its innovative power, SAP Ariba also creates a high level of acceptance and identification among employees. Good communication enables you to inform your colleagues at an early stage about the benefits and opportunities the transformation offers for the company and its staff. In addition, the new, attractive environment immediately ensures greater transparency and traceability for all those involved. Processes, orders, suppliers and contracts are clearly recorded and presented in an understandable way.

SAP Ariba gives you access to the “SAP Businessnetwork for Procurement” with over five million suppliers.

Of course, the solution is fully integrated into your SAP environment. You benefit from quarterly release cycles in which new features and enhancements are made available to you. There are no additional maintenance costs.

SAP Ariba is particularly convincing due to its simple and intuitive operation for the end user. It relieves your employees and simplifies your administration.

Your SAP Ariba Team at Walldorf Consulting

Walldorf Consulting is one of a small group of only 25 consulting firms in Germany that have been certified as “PartnerEdge Service Authorization for SAP Ariba Solutions”. SAP thus confirms that our team will advise you on your Ariba project at the very highest level.

In addition, customers benefit from our team’s many years of project experience. This helps you both in selecting the appropriate Ariba modules and in implementing them for your company.


Our Ariba team not only has outstanding expertise in the market, but also extensive project experience with customers of all company sizes and from diverse industries. Of course, our consultants are always up to date and therefore continue their education in the area of SAP Ariba on all innovations and updates. In addition to this enormous expertise, they also benefit from SAP award-winning methodology when working with Walldorf Consulting in this area.

At the beginning of our collaboration, we attach great importance to getting to know you and your needs in detail. Together with you, we want to develop a solution that is tailored to you, that offers you exactly the modules and functionalities of SAP Ariba that you need and that ideally supports your employees.

With Walldorf Consulting’s own demo system, we are able to provide you with an early impression of your future solution. Our basic training conveys all the benefits, both functional and visual. As a result, all internal stakeholders develop an understanding of SAP Ariba and your individual solution at the earliest possible stage in the project.

As the process continues, we work with you to ensure that your employees are involved at all times and are empowered to use the system productively for you after go-live. In our detailed workshops, your colleagues get to know the individual modules and processes in detail and thus also actively shape the final solution.

In further workshops, we work with you to develop the test system that we will use to jointly drive your customized SAP Ariba environment and implementation.

In our training courses, we ensure that all questions concerning the new system can be answered by our experts before go-live.

Of course, we will be available during the go-live of your system to answer any questions that may arise after the start-up. Even after the successful launch of your system, there is of course the possibility to take advantage of support from Walldorf Consulting – according to your needs and ideas.


Lukas Jenner already focused on SAP Ariba at the beginning of his professional career. During his time at SAP, he even became the first German-speaking consultant for this solution. Since then, he has played a leading role in numerous Ariba projects.

At Walldorf Consulting, Lukas Jenner quickly built up a powerful and certified SAP Ariba team that is at your disposal. Please feel free to contact him for first-hand information.

Lukas Jenner
Lukas JennerSenior Solution Manager

“We offer SAP Ariba as an innovative, cloud-based solution and combine it with the outstanding expertise of my team and the exceptional, customer-centric consulting approach at Walldorf Consulting. I am convinced that this is exactly the right set-up for many customers when it comes to transforming their procurement processes. We look forward to the journey together.”

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