WaC Maturity Index

Technological conditions change daily, and the use of existing IT systems also offers great potential for improving your operational processes. Our IT maturity index compares your current IT landscape with the potentials of a state-of-the-art solution and gives you concrete recommendations for action to develop your systems to their performance limits, without expensive new implementations.

WaC Maturity Index


Walldorf Consulting AG is your partner for determining the status of your IT and system environment. In conjunction with our IT Maturity Assessment methods, we examine your existing systems for the efficient and near-standard mapping of processes. With our Leading Practices approaches and considering current market solutions such as Cloud IT, Robotics, and AI solutions, we determine the future viability of your IT landscape based on our comprehensive use case and implementation experience.


“The WaC Maturity Index of Walldorf Consulting AG enabled us to increase the efficiency of our IT system landscape. Based on concrete recommendations for action, we have been able to further develop our systems and have been able to avoid an expensive new introduction”.


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