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Form for whistleblowers

Report to us any violations of the law or suspicions in connection with the TIMETOACT GROUPReport an incident now

Would you like to report specific violations of the law (e.g. against the EU Whistleblower Directive / Whistleblower Protection Act (WBRL / HinSchG-E), Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)) or suspicious facts in connection with the TIMETOACT GROUP? You can use our whistleblower form on this page. We take your concerns seriously and treat them with the highest priority.

Only the legal advisor (Nina Bahnm├╝ller) and Head of Management Systems (Aline Eckstein) of the TIMETOACT GROUP will receive your message. You have the option of remaining anonymous and are not obliged to give your name or any other personal data. Accordingly, these cannot be traced. However, we would like to point out that we need your e-mail address in order to request further information from you. Inquiries are often useful in order to clarify the grievance appropriately and to be able to take further steps. In the case of an anonymous report, this is only possible to a limited extent, depending on the incident.

We will ensure that no action is taken against you because you have reported a breach or assisted in an investigation, unless you have abused the data yourself. The company will observe the applicable data protection regulations, in particular your rights and those of the accused. Information will only be used for the purpose of investigating and possibly punishing violations. The accused will be informed of any allegations concerning him/her as soon as this no longer jeopardizes the investigation. Data that is no longer required will be deleted once the investigation has been completed or after 12 months at the latest.

Thank you for helping us to ensure fair cooperation!

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